Day 19: Rabbit Class Wish You A Merry Christmas Using Sign Language


Challenge 1: Why do we need sign language?

Challenge 2: What action describes the word Christmas in sign language?

Challenge 3: Learn three more Christmas words in sign language. Take a look at them here.

Post your answers here!



1. for deaf people

2. putting the palm of one hand on to the back of the other hand and clap people that can't hear know what we are saing.                2.When you use 1 hand and pat your ofer hand 2 times.

1. To speak to people that can not hear us

2. You tap one flat hand on top of the other and then you tap your fist on top on the other hand again.

3. I have learned Christmas present, turkey and reindeer.

1. so people who cannot hear us can communicate with us

2. tapping on the left hand