Day 16: Merry Christmas from the Debating Club


Challenge 1: What would you rather have after your Christmas dinner, Christmas pudding or a chocolate log?

Challenge 2: Can you name some other foods that are traditionally eaten at Christmas time?

Challenge 3: What else might you find on the dinner table at Christmas time? 

Post your answers here!


1. Chocolate Log

2. The Turkey

3. Pig in Blanket


challenge one:Christmas pudding

Challenge two:a turkey 

challenge three:roast vegetables 

1.chocolate log.                                  2.turkey                                        cracker.

Chocolate log    Mince pies and turkey     On the Christmas table there is Stuffing or crackers pudding

2. minced pies, meat

3. presents, christmas cards pudding

2. minced pies, meat

3. special dinner

1. Chocolate log

2. turkey

3.meat and roasted potatos


1. chocolate log

2. turkey,turkish delight,candy canes

3. stuffing,vegetables,potatoes

1. Chocolate log!

2. Turkey, roast potatoes and gravy.

3. Christmas crackers.

1. Chocolate log! Because I like chocolate

2. Roast turkey 


3. Mince pies

1. Chocolate log - I don't like Christmas cake

2. Brussel sprouts - yuck

3. Christmas Crackers!