Day 13: Fox and Owl Classes perform Angels


Using the word 'Christmas', how many words can you make using the letters only once? Include a few here.

Challenge 1: Write five words that you have made from the word 'Christmas'

Challenge 2: What's the longest word you have made?

Challenge 3: What's the shortest word you have made?


Post your answers here!



1 christ it as is mas

2 christ 

3 it as is 

1 christ it as is mas

2 christ 

3 it as is 

1. shist, chirms, chimars , stars , hits

2. chimars

3. hits,christ,is,sam,cat        

Challenge 1: Is,am,it,match,mat

Challenge 2: The two shortest words are ' I ' and , A '

Challenge 3: The longest word is 'starch'

ch1 is christ,mas,chairs,stairs and charm

ch2 is charisms

ch3 is as


i think that the receptions did very well+as i have a sister grace i recognised that they remembered all of the words

1. christ is mat chat it

2. christ

3. is and it

they did very well

1. stairs, charms, smarts, chats and cash

2. 6 letters. I found 3.

3. I and a.

christ, sit, car,  hit  sir