Day 12: How to Make Reindeer Food by Owl Class


Challenge 1: What was the first step to making Reindeer food?

Challenge 2: What ingredients are needed to make Reindeer food?

Challenge 3: What is your favourite Christmas carol?


Post your answers here!



1. gather the ingredients

2. clove, oats, spice, sparkles and a little bag or pot

3. jingle bell rock

Listen Mary don’t be scared, your the chosen one.

silent night

Little donkey.

1. Gather the ingredients 

2. Clove, oats, spice and sparkles

3. Little Donkey

1. Cloves, oats, spice, sparkles and little bag 

2. Cloves, oats, spice, sparkles and little bag 

3. Merry Christmas by Slade 



gather the ingredients     clove oats spice  sparkles    oh holy night     

1. Gather your ingredients

2. cloves, oats, spice and sparkles 

3. Jingle bells 

1.gather the ingredients                                   2.clove oats spice sparkles                                     3.i do not know

1. gather the ingredients

2. clove oats spice sparkles

3. let it snow