Day 10: A Christmas Poem from Swallow Class


Challenge 1: How were the lights described?

Challenge 2: In the poem, what can the children smell?

Challenge 3: What could the children taste?


Post your answers here!



Challenge 1: Ruby red lights twinkling.

Challenge 2: Fresh pine trees and gingerbread.

Challenge 3: Creamy advent chocolates and sugary mince pies.

1. ruby red and twinkling

2. fresh pine trees and something else?

3. creamy advent chocolate and sugary mince pies 

1=ruby red and twinkling  2= gingerbread and pine trees  3=

3=creamy advent chocolate and sugary mince pies 

Ava grace 6ma badger


Creamy chocolates and sugary mince pies


1.twinkling.  2.gingerread   3 sugary mince pies

challenge.3 i can taste creamy advent choclate

1 They were described as ruby red christmas lights twinkling

2 Ginger bread and fresh parm trees

3 Yummy mince pies And Advent choclete


ruby red lights



1.ruby red                  2.pien trees                    3.mince pies

1.ruby red Christmas lites