Day 1: Calligraphy Club present 'The First Day of Advent'


Challenge 1: How many candles will be lit between now and 25th December?

Challenge 2: Advent is a key event in the Christian calendar. What is the purpose of Advent?

Challenge 3: Each candle is symbolic. What does each candle symbolise?

Post your answers here...


1. 5

2. Look forward to the return of Jesus Christ

3. 4 Sunday's in Advent and the 5th to symbolise Jesus Christ


Great start to December Calligraphy Club. 




The perfect way to start December Caligraphy Club, I hope all the other doors will be just as brilliant.yes

1. 5  

2. Advent is counting down to the second coming of Christ  

3. Hope, peace, love and joy  


Joy love hope and peace


1.4 remember the birth of Jesus.     3.

1.4           2.Jesus loving and welcoming     3.the weeks of advent

3. Hope Peace Love Joy

2. To remember Jesus being born

1. 5